Giorgio Catta

Sardinian artist born in Alghero on 02/09/1980.Since he was a child he attended the family goldsmith's workshop and immediately took great skill with tools and materials.Graduated in the goldsmith section of Institute of Arts F. Costantino in Alghero, in 2000 he moved to one of the largest gold jewelery manufacturing centers in Italy, Valenza Po '.

Here he obtains the professional qualification of "designer goldsmith" and "jeweler of precious stones", winning for two consecutive years the jewelery contest organized by the Valenzano Goldsmith Consortium.At the same time he continues his passion for sailing in Genova, which leads him to compete in five world championships on different continents.The continuous travels and his passion for travel increase the curiosity towards different types of shapes and materials, and lead him to integrate them in the goldsmith sector.Since 2004 he has returned to a stable plan in Alghero, taking over the family business and carrying out innovative ideas on coral processing, a symbol of the tradition of craftsmanship in Alghero.The goldsmith's environment, however, is not completely free from its creativity, thus originates the GiorgioCattaDesign trademark, born from the desire to satisfy sight, touch and smell through the use of wood, iron, concrete, foam and resins, for the creation of design products such as trophies, furnishing elements and decorations.Seduced by the Steampunk world, it has given new life to mechanisms, pieces and parts of recycled watches transcending from their cliché of functionality only and bringing to light the beauty of what is behind the scenes, the B-SIDE.He currently works in Alghero, Via Carlo Alberto 89, at Gioielleria Orafart.